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At the same time as fashions evolve, gastronomic trends evolve rapidly and drunch is increasingly present in social relationships. The DRUNCH is a set of small portions or appetizers suggestive and appetizing in a period that includes a late snack or an early dinner. A new concept that is in fashion throughout the world and offers a new and different proposal for both the visitor and the citizen of the city of Seville.

Mainly, it is an informal meeting in the middle of the afternoon since, normally, it is held between 6 pm and 9 pm. This term comes from the union of the English words dinner and lunch. Essentially, it could be defined as a kind of dinner snack. In DRUNCH Sevilla you will find a different place to eat different and genuine things. Also, if when you finish your meal you want to have a drink or a cocktail, do not worry, in DRUNCH you will find the widest offer in wines, spirits and cocktails of Seville. DRUNCH has an annex called “TAMGO” where you can continue the evening with a select atmosphere and unparalleled service.

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Daily experience tells us that in Europe we find more and more bars and hotels that offer it, especially in large cities, the truth is that when choosing a place to enjoy your DRUNCH in the city of Seville the offer does not It is very extensive. Only DRUNCH Sevilla can guarantee you a positive experience at the time of DRUNCH.

DRUNCH is a perfect time to celebrate, on weekends enjoying a football game with friends or organizing a meeting at home, for summer weekends it seems like a great plan. DRUNCH Sevilla takes care of everything and brings you the best food comfortably to your home. You can order through their website directly or by JUST EAT if you prefer.
Salty dishes such as tapas, sausages, sandwiches, a salad or canapé accompanied by a glass of wine or cava, a beer or cocktail. The DRUNCH Restaurant in Seville offers a menu designed especially for the most demanding clients.

As a perfect ending you can not miss the sweet touch with one of the chef’s exquisite homemade desserts. Drunch is more copious than a snack and lighter than a dinner that is born in New York and has spread rapidly to other countries. In essence, the DRUNCH is still an intermediate snack meal between lunch and dinner. The DRUNCH is also not a heavy meal to go to sleep and that gives you energy to stretch and go for drinks. You choose what you want to do after the DRUNCH.

It is true that for many DRUNCH it is an early dinner or a late snack because it covers the space between lunch and dinner but in the rest of European countries it is easier to fit because their schedules are very different from those we have in Spain. For example in France it is widespread.

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